Prevention and the hygienist

“A large proportion of any hygienists time is spent scaling (removing) the calculus or ‘tartar’ that forms on teeth, leading to gum disease and ultimately to tooth loss”

Perhaps their most important role however, is the education of patients’ in the best way to keep teeth free from plaque. This could mean simply modifying how a patient brushes with a standard toothbrush, teaching how to use an electric brush correctly, or demonstrating the correct way to clean in between teeth. After all, cleaner teeth mean healthier gums and no bad breath which are two things we all want.

How often should I visit the hygienist?
This will vary depending on your state of oral health and is completely individual on each patient. In the initial phase of treatment, the dentist may recommend some patients see the hygienist every two to four weeks, until a problem is brought under control. After that, depending on what is needed, it may be monthly, three monthly or six monthly intervals, whatever it takes to keep your mouth healthy, attractive and fresh.

Our oral health products
As part of every hygiene visit the hygienist assesses your mouth and needs and can recommend the perfect products just for you. That way you can achieve that fresh, ‘just cleaned feeling’ every day and have healthy gums for life.

We stock an extensive range of oral health products at very good value prices.

The oral health educator
We have an Oral Health Educator available to discuss all aspects of oral health with you. She will show you how to really clean your teeth and gums and give tips for your homecare as well as diet guidance.

We follow the Department of Health Guidelines ‘Delivering Better Oral Health” so therefore recommend Fluoride varnish to be applied to childrens teeth where there is a risk of dental decay. For high risk children and adults we will issue prescriptions for fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash.

prevention and the hygienist
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